Past Training: Customer service

Our customer service training was very interactive. The main goal of the training was for riders and admins to improve on their customer service skills and also acquire new skills.

We had Mr. Fidel Aitan, Head of retail, Leadway insurance, Abuja, as the trainer. The trainer focused on interactive and engaging methods by using the following concepts:

  • Brainstorming regards the definition and role of quality customer service in an organisation. It was engaging by involving the trainees in discussion and encouraged dialogue.
  • Good examples and illustrations on good and quality customer service.
  • Room for questions and contributions.

Areas covered on customer service training:

What is customer service? Importance of customer service, How to go above and beyond for customers, Effective listening and communication, Telephone etiquette, handling difficult customers.

Feedback from trainee’s employers

Overall, we have had positive feedback from employers about positive changes in their riders and admins. These feedback are to show that occasional training on customer service is very important to improve customer service skills:

Generally, through customer service training, employees improve their skills and/or acquire new ones. These customer service training programs focused on improving communication, listening, problem-solving and organisation skills.

In conclusion, one of the interesting things that happened was the riders and admin were engrossed in the training. Looking at the positive feedback, we hope to do better in the next training sessions.




pictures from the training


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