isabiDeliver – All you need to Know!

isabiDeliver is an online on-demand delivery service that connects customers to a fleet of independent dispatchers able to pickup item from a pickup point to deliver safely and in less than an hour to a delivery location. With service accessible 24hrs 7 days a week via mobile App for Android and iOS devices as well as web (API Integration for e-commerce sites). The aim is to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers while solely focusing on the last-mile and delivering goods within a state. Also of note, we aim to offer multiple modes of transportation, from motorbikes, bicycle, cars to trucks, so as different package sizes can be delivered.


The Problem

  • Expensive delivery cost
  • Long waiting delivery time
  • On demand delivery not available
  • Difficulty of courier locating some addresses
  • Manual assigning of deliveries
  • Limited delivery & transport options for customers
  • No profit on return trip for dispatchers


Our Solution

  • Real-Time Delivery tracking and status update
  • Pay for only delivery
  • Vehicle options to choose from (Motorbike, car, Bicycle, Truck, Van)
  • Reliable and fast on-demand delivery agents to pickup and deliver
  • Automatically Assign delivery
  • Navigate address using Map
  • Dispatcher can get paid on return trips


How It Works

  1. User creates a pickup and delivery request using the isabiDeliver App. Selects payment method, either card or cash.
  2. The request is sent to a pool of delivery agents. An available delivery agent nearby accepts the request.
  3. The item is picked up and delivered successfully, the user rates the experience.




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