There will come a point in most people’s lives when they will have to package glass. We at IsabiDeliver know that items made completely or partially of glass are some of the most risky items to deliver as they are most prone to damages.

Packaging glass is an important task when you move to a new house or have to send an item containing glass via a delivery company/agents. Failure to package glass correctly will almost always result in your item arriving at their destination totally or partially destroyed. Be sure to follow these important steps to ensure that your item will arrive in one piece.

How to Package Glass

Before you start to package your glass items, be sure that you have the correct packaging materials.
You need to find yourself a good box, IsabiDeliver suggest that you should always use a new cardboard box. However, if you are unable to find a new box then an old one will do as long as you make sure to reinforce it with extra packaging tape.

First, wrap your glass items in paper. You can use any paper you wish to wrap your items, if you don’t have any paper lying around then any free newspaper will do. Wrap your items tightly with the paper, cover them in at least a couple of layers.

Next up, grab your bubble wrap and cut out large squares. Wrap your item in as much bubble wrap as you can. Use packaging tape to keep the bubble wrap secure. You want to wrap it in such a way that the shape and colour of the item should not be recognisable. This prevents any damage to the item that you are packing.

Now wrap your bubble wrapped item in cling film. This adds another layer of protection to the item. And keeps the bubble wrap tight as you place it into the box.

Pour in a generous amount of packaging peanuts, if you have them, on the base of the box. This will help prevent any impact damage to your item during transit.

How to Seal Your Box

Place your bubble wrapped item inside the box. It should fit very snuggly in your box. Fill the box with packaging peanuts, be very generous and try to leave no empty space. Hold the box closed and give it a good shake. If you can hear any movement when you shake the box then you have to add more packaging material. Keep adding packaging peanuts or packaging paper until you can no longer hear any sound when you shake the box.

Once your box is silent when you shake it, find your packaging tape and seal it up. First stick a long piece of tap across the central seam and then place tape along the sides of the top of your box so it resembles a “H.”
Now simply attach your delivery details and your box is ready to be collected by our IsabiDeliver Hero.



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