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Mandatory equipment & costs

What equipment is mandatory to be an isabiHero?

Dispatch Box
Reflective Jacket
Thermal bag
The ability to transport food flat (such as a pizza), wether with a rack or in the thermal backpack

Reflective Jacket
Thermal backpack

Thermal bag

Please keep in mind the equipment listed above is mandatory!
You can use your own equipment, but we will require to see it in person to approve the size. All equipment must be non-branded.

Risks of lacking mandatory equipment on a job,
or using branded equipment from other delivery platforms:

  • Loosing your delivery rewards for the week
  • Your rating score will be affected
  • You may risk loosing your place on the platform

Cost ?

? Thermal backpack: ₦5,000
? Thermal bag: ₦4,500
? Reflective Jacket: ₦800
? Face Cap: ₦2,500
? Bicycle helmet: ₦4,500
? Bike Helmet: ₦4,500
? Polo: ₦3,500
? Gloves: ₦1,500
? Power bank: ₦5,500
? Dispatch Box: ₦29,000
? Water bottle: ₦2,500

Changing Equipment
If your equipment is ruined and you cannot use it anymore, send a picture of the piece of equipment you want to change to operations@isabideliver.com.



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