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Keeping your package safe

Protecting your goods before pickup

How should I package my goods?

These are our recommendations for correctly protecting and sending your goods:

  • Do not use damaged containers or boxes.
  • Choose high quality wrapping and cushioning/filler materials at all times.
  • Choose a packaging that's durable for the type of goods you're sending.
  • Make sure you always remove old labels and stickers when reusing any old containers or boxes.
  • Use cushioning materials to avoid loose contents.
  • Protect Fragile items by cushioning them from all sides.
  • Use protective dividers for Fragile flat items.
  • Protect data and media discs/tapes with cushioning or protective bags.
  • Protect edges and sharp points with heavy, well-secured edge protection.
  • Use heavy-duty, double-layered cardboard boxes for more valuable items.
  • "Fragile" and "Handle with Care" stickers are not a replacement for correctly packaging fragile goods.
  • Keep your packages dry and clean while awaiting for pickup.


All goods transported are liable to a compensation fee of up to N50,000 under our standard Insurance. However claim is subject to investigation that damage was not due to poor packaging. You can see details about our insurance HERE



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