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A-Z of Handling A Task


  1. Delivery agents are expected to speak to app users in a polite and professional manner while carrying out accepted tasks. Erring users should be reported to the admin immediately.
  2. Delivery partners are expected to reach out to customers immediately a task is accepted.

Waiting Time

  1. We know how important time is in this business. Delivery partners are expected to charge customers for waiting time exceeding 10 mins of arrival.  Agents should however notify the Admin so that the customer can be informed.  PLEASE NOTE THAT CUSTOMERS WILL BE CHARGED 400 NAIRA FOR EVERY ADDITIONAL 20 MINUTES WAIT.
  2. Delivery Agents are not expected to leave pickup/delivery point due to Delay without notifying the Admin
  3. A delivery Agent is not expected to enter the customer residence at any point. All transactions should be done in the open.

Cancellation Fee

1) Customers and Delivery partners time are both important. So, cancellation of task by the Customer will only be FREE if it is 15 mins before the pickup time otherwise the Customer will be charged half of the total delivery cost for that task.

2) Cancellation from the delivery agent can only be done 15 mins to the pickup time otherwise the Delivery Agent will be suspended from the app for a day.

3) If the customer should cancel after delivery agent has waited, the customer will be charged both WAITING AND CANCELLATION FEE

What to Do When Pickup is Unavailable

If the customer phone number was not reachable at the point of pickup during a 10 mins wait the customer will be charge a CANCELLATION fee and the delivery agent is expected to leave Afterwards.

What to Do When Delivery is Unavailable

The agent should notify the Admin once the 10 mins wait up time has been exceeded by the customer. However, the agent should call the customer first.

Rescheduling a delivery due to unavailability of the receiver will be charged (an extra) 400 naira. This is in addition to the fare rate.



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