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The isabiHero app menu includes the following:

  • Profile
  • Notifications
  • History
  • Earnings
  • Support
  • Tutorials
  • Settings


You’ll be able to view your profile by clicking on this option. The information in your profile can be edited at any point of time.

To edit the information click on the edit button at the right top of the profile. You can edit the following:

  • Name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Change password


Notification of pending tasks messages appear here

A pop up appears when 30 minutes is left to complete a task. It appears only when you have acknowledged/accepted a task but have not yet started.

Task history

Go to Menu in agent app >History>Select a task 

Task history shows you the time at which you:

  • Accepted a task,
  • Started a task,
  • Arrived at destination, and
  • Successfully completed a task

When you click successful/failed, you will be able to view the task history just below the action block. You can also tap on the calendar and select a particular date. All the tasks for the selected date appear as a scrollable list. Tap on the task to view the details.

List, calendar and map view

List View

All the current days tasks appear in a scrollable list view at the homepage of the app. Scroll up and down to view the tasks, and to know their corresponding details, you can click on them.

Calendar View

You can view all the past and the future tasks in the calendar. The Red dot at the top of a particular date signifies the number of incomplete tasks, while the Blue dot at the bottom signifies the total number of tasks assigned to the agent on that particular date.

Map View

You can switch between the List view and the Map view with just a tap. All the current days task appear in a scrollable view at the bottom. Scroll left and right to view the tasks and their corresponding location on the map. Click on the task title to view the task details.



At any time, if you are stuck and need help with the product, click on support. It will take you to the support email.


When you click on tutorials, it will take you to the on-boarding screens through which you can have quick learning on how the app works.


You will get the following options:

  • Vehicle
  • Notifications
  • Advanced options: Language, Navigation, Show Traffic, Map Style



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