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isabiDeliver is an online on-demand delivery service that connects customers to a fleet of independent dispatchers able to pickup item from a pickup point to deliver safely and in less than an hour to a delivery location. With service accessible 24hrs 7 days a week via mobile App for Android and iOS devices as well as web (API Integration for e-commerce sites). The aim is to bridge the gap between sellers and buyers while solely focusing on the last-mile and delivering goods  within a state. Also of note, we aim to offer multiple modes of transportation, from motorbikes, bicycle, cars to trucks, so as different package sizes can be delivered.

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Our Mission

isabiDeliver was Launched in November 2018 by Omaworks Nigeria Limited to disrupt last-mile delivery in Abuja. Given the contionous rapid growth of online shopping, e-commerce, instant delivery services, aging infrastructures and non automated dispatch fleets, logistics particularly last-mile delivery are at a turning point. Today more than ever, it is essential to rethink our approach to last-mile deliveries in order to meet the societal and environmental challenges of tomorrow.

As the delivery market in Nigeria is growing, there is need for collaborative work in order to achieve the main goal of efficient and affordable delivery service.
Ifeoma Benjamin
Founder, isabiDeliver