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We have loads of educating and empowering training at isabiDeliver. Our recently conclude training on the 25th January 2020, was on Food Hygiene and Handling.

The main goal for this training was to empower food handlers on the needs for proper food hygiene, handling and packaging in order to reduce food cross-contamination, food poisoning, and food-borne diseases.

Training Venue:

The training took place in the main office of isabiDelievr and logistics, Suite T4, Vatan Plaza, Lokogoma Junction, Abuja.


The instructors:

Trainers that participated in the activity are as follows:

  1. Mr. Danladi Walong Datok (SON); He talked about the Standards required by food vendors in order to operate properly without obstructions. He spoke for 45 minutes.
  2. Mrs. Chidinma G Akpan (isabiDeliver Logistics); She talked about the basics of food hygiene, packaging, and handling. She spoke for 30 mins
  3. Mr. Onyekachi Udah (isabiDeliver Logistic); He spoke for 10 minutes on the products and services offered by isabiDeliver logistics.
  4. Mr. Daniel Ihe (isabiDeliver Logistics); He spoke about the Hire purchase plan and who requires it.


The methodology of training:


Trainers focused on interactive, descriptive and engaging methods by using the following concepts:

  • descriptive by talking the Services rendered by SON
  • engaging by involving the trainees in discussion and encouraged dialogue.
  • good examples and illustrations on good Standards required by food vendors.
  • talked extensively on the importance of food hygiene, handling, and Packaging.
  • gave room for questions and contributions.


Areas covered on the Food Hygiene and Handling training :


  1. Establishment Of Standards Organisation Of Nigeria (SON).
  2. Services Rendered By SON.
  3. Definition of Standards.
  4. Types of Standards.
  5. Standards Developments and Benefit.
  6. Scope of Standards Developments.
  7. Food Standards.
  8. Food Hygiene.
  9. Food Handling.
  10. Delivering services and Facilities.
  11. Product certification for quality mark.
  12. MANCAP.
  13. Incentives offered by SON.
  14. Basic principles to prevent food poisoning.
  15. Who is a food handler?


Feedback from trainees


We have not had feedback yet, but we will be chasing up for that today



Those that attended appeared to have enjoyed the training/workshop session, they asked questions and contributed as well.

Don’t miss out on our next training coming up on 28th march 2020

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